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When storms slammed California in January 2008, there were more than human victims.  There were animal victims as well.  One of them was Weaver.  Brought into the shelter with his rear leg dangling and broken in 4 places.

He was young, and he was happy, and his tail never stopped wagging.  During his 5-day holding period x-rays were taken to see the extent of his damage, paid for by Second Chance.  Pain meds were prescribed but Weaver didn't have an issue playing with other dogs during that period.  Or waiting for his outside time to potty, which he got twice a day.  This boy was a keeper.

The city opted to have Weaver euthanized due to the severity of his injuries.  Repair would cost $3,000.  Amputation would cost $500.  Certainly not cost-effective to the city budget.  Second Chance Pet Rescue stepped up and paid for Weaver's amputation.  This shelter dog was worth saving.

Weaver, tragically left on the side of the road to die, was helped by Second Chance Pet Rescue.  Although we have paid the costs of other medical intervention, Weaver was, by far, the most expensive.  Because of Weaver, we developed a special medical fund named after him so that we can continue to help those unfortunate souls, without hesitation, when they enter the shelter if they need medical intervention.  Weaver is just one who entered the shelter who had no one but us to mend his broken body and lift his soul with kindness and find a new home.

Other Weaver Medical Fund Recipients

The Weaver Medical Fund is not used for "heroic" intervention.  Age and temperament of the dog is always a factor.  Your support of the Weaver Medical Fund allows us to continue to provide care to the dogs that enter the shelter who need just a little bit more to be adoptable and remain adoptable.  Thank you for your support of the "Weaver Medical Fund".

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These pictures of Weaver in his new home speak for themselves. A dog destined to be killed is now living a full and rich life.  That's what Second Chance Pet Rescue is all about.

Weaver 1

Weaver 2

Weaver 3