Before you adopt an animal please ask yourself if you are prepared for a new family member. Be honest with yourself about how much time and resources you have for an animal. You will need time to feed, exercise, clean up after potty breaks, train and provide relaxed hanging out time together. Depending on a dog’s age, breed and personality, you will need a minimum of 15-60 minutes a day to train. A puppy will need several short sessions throughout the day to accommodate their puppy attention span and potty training. Try to arrange to have at least two days off, a week if possible, to be able to hang out at home to bond and show what the new routine is. Have an appropriate size crate ready or arrange to borrow a Second Chance crate if available. Have the whole house agree on what types of training will be done, what the commands will be and who is responsible for the dog’s daily care.

In addition to your adoption fee you will need to provide food, shelter, grooming and medical care for you pet. Grooming consists of nail trimming, washing your dog when needed and keeping their fur clean of parasites like tics & fleas, as well as thistles, foxtails, and other dangerous stickers. Regular medical care consists of keeping current on vaccinations, a yearly veterinarian check up, giving regular heart worm treatments and for other problems and “as needed” emergency care.

You will need to have proof that you have a safe fenced yard and that you own your home or have permission from your landlord to keep a pet. Dogs may not be left like slaves on chains EVER. By adopting, you agree to allow a Second Chance Representative to home visit to verify your conditions. The whole family should meet your new friend a have a good understanding of their responsibilities before adoption. Small children should NEVER be left alone unsupervised with ANY pet. Remember, you are morally and financially responsible for all of your pet’s actions, both good and bad. You must train your dog to be obedient and under control. Training is your responsibility and your dog’s ‘job’. With a job, your dog will be healthier physically and mentally and get in trouble less. Also, you will re-affirm your leadership position in the pack relationship. The more time your dog is under your control the less worries you will have. In addition, the better under control your dog is, the more they are able to go places, do things and live harmoniously in the house with you. It’s a proven fact that people with pets are happier and healthier. And you may change attitudes of those who are dog-negative or dog-neutral!!!

Our adoption fee is $75 for all breeds except Pit Bulls (see our Pit Bull Program page for details). This fee includes spaying or neutering and rabies vaccination. Your adoption agreement includes a complimentary phone consultation or private lesson with our Obedience Trainer, and possible home visits.

When you think you have found your special friend, you will need to visit with a volunteer staff member to talk about your pet, fill out an application and pay the current adoption fee. If you are able to make an additional tax deductible donation to Second Chance Pet Rescue, we will gratefully accept that to continue our work.