Tegus are some of the most mobile reptiles among the lizards family. They are large unlike most of the other lizards in their class thus they always need a larger space than the rest of the lizards. Larger spaces keep the tegus healthy since they are assured of mobility. In order to keep them healthy, the best tegu enclosure should be provided. An enclosure with the correct dimensions and the right space is the best place that the tegus can live in since it mimics a more natural environment. In this article, we have compiled a number of enclosures that you can use for the good health and happiness of your tegus.

Adult Tegu Enclosure

The adulthood of this fascinating reptile allows it to achieve its maximum body size. Once this happens, it is very relevant to upgrade its enclosure. An upgrade of around 3’ by 4’ by 8’ is the most ideal. This size should, however, refer to the size of the front opening. The adult tegu should then be allowed to freely roam in this enclosure and in some others outside the usual one to ensure maximum growth and health. Such a size is beneficial for your back as well as the tegu’s wellbeing. Nonetheless, this size of an enclosure is big hence not easily available in the pet stores. This means that you should build an enclosure for your adult tegu. Therefore, you should look for a professional who can build it perfectly to ensure that the actual measurements are reached and that it is good enough to house a tegu.

Black and White Tegu

If you are willing to build your own tegu, you should try 3’ by 5’ by 8’ measurements. This provides you with a space that is large enough for your tegu. This kind of enclosure can easily be adjusted if need be to serve the required purpose. In any of these cages, however, you should know that tegus are perfectly fine when staying alone. This means that you do not have to put more than one tegu in the enclosure. Nonetheless, these animals have exceptional socialization skills which mean that even if you put them together, there will be no incidences arising. If all of them are males or females, they can stay in the same enclosure. However, males and females can never stay together since they are gender sensitive. If you need to put them together, you should ensure that each one of them has a private space. You should also not house juvenile tegus with adults since the juveniles can easily be consumed by the adults.

Hatching Tegu Enclosure

Hatchlings require an enclosure that is 24” by 24” by 48 in dimensions. This is the most ideal size that does not allow the tegu to grow out of it so fast. Larger spaces are also good enough for installing substrates that are deeper and ensuring improved temperature gradients. It also facilitates more activity that is associated with the good health of the animal. However, you should always avoid glass enclosures since they are not the best for rearing such animals.  This is because the glass does not trap heat well and that enclosures that are made of glass have a lot of ventilation that does not trap the required moisture. The growth of young tegus is very rapid hence the necessity of having an enclosure that is yearling sized.

Yearling Tegu Enclosure

This is the kind of enclosure that accommodates tegus that are approximately a year old. The enclosure’s front opening should be approximately 3’ by 3’ by 6’. This type of enclosure is the perfect size that can allow the tegu to have a life in it. However, you should always ensure that the animal has an opportunity of getting outside the enclosure. This simply means that it can be used to house the adult tegus such as the Colombian tegus


The best enclosures for various animals are not easy to find. This is because each enclosure has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, in this article, we have provided you with a number of measurements that you can use to build a perfect enclosure for your tegu. According to the stage of the animal that you have, you can pick the measurements and acquire the enclosure required. There exist numerous measurements that you can use but the measurements provided in this article are the best that you can use to achieve the best results.