A separate bank account has been opened by Second Chance Pet Rescue specifically for the Friends of Felines program.  Second Chance Pet Rescue is the custodian of the donations for the program.  The committee chairman of the Friends of Felines program is responsible for all decisions regarding how the donations will be used.  All donations are tax deductible.

We at Second Chance Pet Rescue wholeheartedly believe this program is necessary and warranted and encourage you to specify “Friends of Felines” if your donations are designated for this program.

Although we work specifically with dogs, it is written inside our shelter:
The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress may be judged by the way it’s animals are treated”  M. Gandi

The Friends of Felines Program

The Friends of Felines is a grassroots alliance of individuals sharing resources and working together to compassionately serve the feline population of Northern California through education and Trap / Spay / Neuter / Release, Support and Grants when funds are available.

Under the conservatorship of Second Chance Pet Rescue, all tax deductible donations go directly to spay/neuter and a rabies vaccine for each cat that is trapped and altered. Trapping, transportation, caretaker support, data gathering, educational presentation, and some vet tech labor is donated in kind from concerned community members and colony caretakers, as well as some local veterinarians giving price breaks. While there is no official “count” it is estimated that there are thousands to tens of thousands of feral and abandoned cats county wide. These cats face an average lifespan of two years that often comes with disease, complications and wear from numerous pregnancies, fight wound infections from un-altered males, death from natural predators, and routine poisoning and shooting by humans.

Any financial support is appreciated and will be guaranteed to be used for spay/neuter & vaccinations of the cats.  This will alleviate much suffering of these forsaken felines.


Think of a cat lover you know, and make a donation thru PayPal in their honor!
Think on the future and make a donation to help slow down
this cat epidemic and improve the quality of their life!!



If you know of a colony, and would like to get on our list for assistance with TNR, contact Sharon via EMAIL.  Your information will be kept private and will only be used as anonymous data to apply for funding.

If you are feeding a colony of any un-altered cats, PLEASE consider finding a way to spay the females at minimum. Even if you think you can’t afford it, think about, the health stress of multiple litters, infant mortality and suffering and how your cat food costs will increase, and in reality, spay/neuter is a good economic investment. If you are honest UP FRONT, many local vets will work with you to set up a payment plan.

While there is a waiting list for financial aid, we CAN offer to lend traps and coaching on trapping.

Trapper hints – Best trapping is at night – make sure in any case to check traps every two hours or so to see that cats are not getting too hot, wet, cold, etc.

For a few days, feed cats in traps with two or three layers of newspaper in the bottom until they are comfortable about the traps.

Don’t feed cats for one or two days (Don’t worry -cats can live up to 17 days without eating!)

Set traps and use some yummy food like wet canned cat food or tuna.

Take the cats to the vet in the traps, as they are preferable for their handling needs.

If possible, keep the females who may have had a hard time with their spays in a kitty condo or kenneled, so they can recover with less stress.

For more info contact Sharon via EMAIL.
If you don’t hear back within a week or so, try again – you and your cat situation are important to us!

THANK YOU for caring!!!!